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Terms and Conditions

Indonesia Furs Community Platform Terms and Conditions

Definitions and Interpretations

  • "The Platform" refers to the Indonesia Furs Community Platform.
  • "The Staff" refers to the steering committee responsible for the organization and management of the platformThe staff constitutes an unincorporated social organization, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • "The Member" refers to an individual who have completed the registration process on the platform, irrespective of whether they have performed transactions.
  • “The Attendee” refers to an individual who have successfully performed transaction on the platform.

Responsibility Waiver

Except for liabilities required by Indonesian law, the staff shall bear no responsibility for any damages, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities (including, without limitation, any direct or indirect losses) as a consequence of the utilization or the inability to utilize the platform or any services linked to it.

Registration and Payment

  • The staff reserves the right to deny registration and/or admission to any of the event(s) based on an individual's payment history, conduct, record of criminal convictions, or any other cause of concerns that the individual's presence my cause undue distress to the staff or other event attendees, or to adversely impact the staff's relationship with its members or event attendees.
  • For an individual to become a member within the platform, a valid credential through the online registration system is needed. Authentication or registration executed via any alternative channels is deemed invalid and void.
  • Full payment of the specified amount is a requirement for obtaining an event pass for any event listed in the platform.
  • The platform accepts various modes of payment including, but not limited to, virtual accounts, digital wallets, wire transfers, credit cards, and other methods as specified on the platform.
  • In compliance with regulatory standards, any fraudulent activities involving the misuse of a credit card for transactions on the platform must be promptly reported by the member to both the staff and the issuing bank, in order for the staff to undertake appropriate measures.
  • The staff reserves the right to report to relevant authorities in instances of abuse, fraud, or other illicit activities detected in connection with any activities occurring on the platform.
  • In cases of payment discrepancies such as incorrect or invalid bank account or virtual account numbers, incorrect or invalid payment amounts for the event, or if the card is charged an incorrect amount not in alignment with our payment instructions, the member acknowledges and agrees that the staff is under no obligation to issue a refund. Furthermore, the aforementioned errors shall not be recognized as valid payment for the item.
  • In scenarios where item payment is transacted via a credit card, the member acknowledges that initiating a chargeback without prior notification and confirmation to the staff may lead to the termination of membership, cancellation of the issued item, revocation of any benefits received by the member, and such actions may be construed as fraudulent transactions and addressed accordingly.

User-Generated Content

User Responsibility

By uploading any form of content ("User-Generated Content"), including but not limited to images, avatars, or texts to the platform, members acknowledge and agree that they are solely responsible for the content of their uploaded content and the consequences of posting or publishing them. The staff does not endorse any User-Generated Content or any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and the staff expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with User-Generated Content.

Platform Rights

The staff reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine whether the User-Generated Content is appropriate and complies with these terms, laws, and community standards. The staff reserves the right to remove their uploaded content if the content are deemed to be indecent, offensive, or otherwise not in compliance with our community standards. This may include but is not limited to, explicit images, promoting hate speech, violence, or illegal activities, or infringing on copyright or trademark laws.

Non-Compliance and Enforcement

Failure to comply with these terms or the directives from the platform regarding User-Generated Content changes may result in immediate action at the discretion of the platform. This action may include, but is not limited to, removing the offending content, suspending the member's account, and/or banning members from further use of the platform. The staff take these measures seriously and implement them to maintain the safety and integrity of our platform for all users.

By using the platform, members agree to adhere to this User-Generated Content and Avatar Upload Policy, and members acknowledge that the staff may enforce this policy at its sole discretion.

Privacy Policy

Indonesia Furs Community Platform Privacy Statement